About TrendLabs

TrendLabs is the Trend Micro global infrastructure of antivirus research and product support centers that provide up-to-the minute security information to Trend Micro customers.

The “virus doctors” at TrendLabs monitor potential security risks around the world to ensure that Trend Micro products remain secure against emerging threats. The daily culmination of these efforts are shared with customers through frequent virus pattern file updates and scan engine refinements.

TrendLabs is staffed by a team of several hundred engineers and certified support personnel that provide a wide range of product and technical support services. Dedicated service centers and rapid-response teams are located in Tokyo, Manila, Taipei, Munich, Paris, and Lake Forest, CA, to mitigate virus outbreaks and provide urgent support 24x7.

TrendLabs’ modern headquarters, in a major Metro Manila IT park, has earned ISO 9002 certification for its quality management procedures in 2000—one of the first antivirus research and support facilities to be so accredited. Trend Micro believes TrendLabs is the leading service and support team in the antivirus industry.

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