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August 2015


Trend Micro™ Cloud Edge 3.2

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1.     About Cloud Edge

2.     Features

3.     Documentation Set

4.     System Requirements

5.     Installation

6.     Post-Installation Configuration

7.     Known Issues

8.     Release History

9.     Contact Information

10.  About Trend Micro

11.  License Agreement

1. About Cloud Edge

Trend Micro Cloud Edge brings together the benefits of a next-generation on-premises firewall and the convenience of security as a service for managed service providers. Cloud Edge intelligently combines application control with user and port identification for multilayer protection. URL filtering, bandwidth control, intrusion protection, anti-malware scanning, and web reputation security provide additional protection from network breaches and business disruptions. By deeply scanning and filtering network packets on-premises or through the cloud, Cloud Edge stops threats at the gateway. Virtual Private Network (VPN) support also secures connections from mobile devices, corporate sites, and remote employees.

Deploy the Cloud Edge appliance to customer offices and then centrally control user access and security policies through the Cloud Edge cloud console. You can optionally single sign-on to the Cloud Edge cloud console through Trend Micro Remote Manager. Remote Manager works with Cloud Edge by providing a single point of entry to access graphical reports and summarized dashboard data for supported appliances and Trend Micro products. Remote Manager also helps you to manage licensing and billing of multiple customers.

2. Features

3. Documentation Set

  All documentation is available for download at

In addition to this Readme, the documentation set for this product includes the following:

o    Deployment Guide: Introduces Cloud Edge and explains how to use Trend Micro Remote Manager, how to register gateways and synchronize accounts in the Cloud Edge cloud console, and how to deploy the Cloud Edge appliance at consumer office locations.

o    Online help: Contains explanations of Cloud Edge components and features, as well as procedures needed to configure Cloud Edge.

o    Quick Start Card: Provides Cloud Edge appliance deployment instructions for customers supported by a managed service provider.

o    TrendEdge is a program for Trend Micro employees, partners, and other interested parties that provides information on unsupported,  innovative techniques, tools, and best practices for Trend Micro products. The TrendEdge database contains numerous documents covering a wide range of topics.

o    Knowledge Base: A searchable database of known product issues, including specific problem-solving and troubleshooting topics:

4. System Requirements

The Cloud Edge cloud console utilizes Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and is subject to the requirements provided by Amazon Web Services. For details, see

Browser Requirements:

·         Mozilla Firefox 36 or later

·         Google Chrome 41 or later

·         Microsoft Internet Explorer 8-11

  Trend Micro provides the Cloud Edge appliance hardware. No special software is required.

5. Installation

Refer to the Cloud Edge Deployment Guide for detailed information about deploying the Cloud Edge appliance. The Deployment Guide also explains how to register a Cloud Edge appliance as a managed gateway through the Cloud Edge cloud console.

6. Post-installation Configuration

Refer to the Cloud Edge Deploy Guide or Online Help for detailed information about getting started with the Cloud Edge cloud and on-premises consoles.

7. Known Issues

The following are the known issues in this release:

7.1. After upgrading Cloud Edge, the browser generates JSON error on applying settings.

This happens when the browser's cache includes the data from the older version. To resolve this known issue, clear the browser cache before applying your settings.

7.2. If HTTPS decryption is enabled, Google Chrome displays a warning message saying that the HTTPS site is not trustable.

This issue happens because the Cloud Edge appliance uses a security certificate signed by SHA1. This issue will be resolved in future builds.

8. Release History

Not applicable.

9. Contact Information

A license to the Trend Micro software usually includes the right to product updates, pattern file updates, and basic technical support for one (1) year from the date of purchase only. After the first year, Maintenance must be renewed on an annual basis at Trend Micro's then-current Maintenance fees.

You can contact Trend Micro via fax, phone, and email, or visit us at:

Evaluation copies of Trend Micro products can be downloaded from our Web site.

Global Mailing Address/Telephone Numbers

For global contact information in the Asia/Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, and Canada, refer to:

The Trend Micro About Us screen displays. Click the appropriate link in the Contact Us section of the screen.

Note: This information is subject to change without notice.

10. About Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in Internet content security and threat management, aims to create a world safe for the exchange of digital information for businesses and consumers. A pioneer in server-based antivirus with over 20 years experience, we deliver top-ranked security that fits our customers’ needs, stops new threats faster, and protects data in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, our industry-leading cloud-computing security technology and products stop threats where they emerge, on the Internet, and are supported by 1,000+ threat intelligence experts around the globe. For additional information, visit

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11. License Agreement

Information about your license agreement with Trend Micro can be viewed at:

Third-party licensing agreements can be viewed:

o  By selecting the "About" option in the application user interface

o  By referring to the "Legal" page of the Getting Started Guide or Administrator's Guide