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Updating Components

Update Trend Micro Security components regularly to protect your computer from the latest security risks. The Trend Micro Security client downloads new components available on the Trend Micro Security server, the primary client update source. A client that cannot connect to the server connects directly to the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server. Internet connection is required to connect to the ActiveUpdate server.

To update components, click the Trend Micro Security icon on your computer's menu bar and select Update Now.

Trend Micro Security uses the following components:

Virus Scan Engine: At the heart of all Trend Micro products lies the scan engine, which was originally developed in response to early file-based computer viruses. The scan engine today is exceptionally sophisticated and capable of detecting different types of security risks, such as malware and spyware. The scan engine also detects controlled viruses that are developed and used for research.

Virus Pattern: Contains information that helps Trend Micro Security identify the latest viruses, malware, and mixed threat attacks. Trend Micro creates and releases new versions of the Virus Pattern several times a week, and any time after the discovery of a particularly damaging virus or malware.

Spyware Active-monitoring Pattern: A collection of signatures used to detect spyware and other types of grayware.