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Web Threat Protection

Web Threat Protection blocks access to known phishing Web sites and Web sites that have a poor reputation score.

Enable Web Threat Protection:  when enabled, Web Threat Protection starts checking the reputation scores of user requested Web sites. Depending on the results, Trend Micro™ Security (for Macintosh) will either deny or allow access to the requested Web site. Enabling or disabling Web Threat Protection from this screen enables or disables Web Threat Protection on the Protection Status screen.

Protection Strength:  select High, Medium, or Low.

Approved Websites: contains a list of user or administrator approved Web sites. Security (for Macintosh) will not block Web sites that are on the Approved Websites list.

Note:The Approved Websites list holds a maximum of 500 Web sites. Security (for Macintosh) will allow access to all sub-sites of Web sites listed on the Approved Websites list.

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