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December 2017

Trend Micro™ Control Manager™

Version 7.0 - Repack 1

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  1. About Trend Micro Control Manager
  2. What's New
  3. Document Set
  4. System Requirements
  5. Installation
  6. Known Issues
  7. Contact Information
  8. About Trend Micro
  9. License Agreement


1. About Trend Micro Control Manager

Trend Micro Control Manager is a centralized management console that manages Trend Micro products and services at the gateway, mail server, file server, and corporate desktop levels. Administrators can use the policy management feature to configure and deploy product settings to managed products and endpoints. The Control Manager web-based management console provides a single monitoring point for antivirus and content security products and services throughout the network.

Control Manager enables system administrators to monitor and report on activities such as infections, security violations, or virus/malware entry points. System administrators can download and deploy update components throughout the network, helping ensure that protection is consistent and up to date. Example update components include virus pattern files, scan engines, and anti-spam rules. Control Manager allows both manual and pre-scheduled updates. Control Manager allows the configuration and administration of products as groups or as individuals for added flexibility.

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2. What's New

Resolved Known Issues

Control Manager 7.0 Repack 1 resolves the following product issues:

  1. Unable to complete installation if there are records related to Deep Discovery Inspector Retro Scan in the Control Manager database.
  2. Unable to log on to the Control Manager console from an English operating system if the decimal symbol (.) has been changed to a comma (,).
  3. Control Manager 7.0 Repack 1 blocks reinstallation of the same Control Manager version on the same server.


Control Manager 7.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

Active Directory Integration Enhancements

This version of Control Manager supports integration with multiple Active Directory forests and allows you to import Active Directory groups in addition to users.

Dashboard Enhancements

The Dashboard has been redesigned to provide improved visibility of your network protection status.

New Dwell Time Widget

This widget provides an overview of the top critical threats based on the length of time the threat has been present on the endpoint of the affected user.

New Executive Summary Reports

Take advantage of the new Executive Summary report template to provide comprehensive intelligence about all the threat detections on your network and view actionable overviews of affected users/endpoints or threat detections by channel and product.

New Notifications Menu

The new Notifications menu provides easier access to the previously named Event Center screen, which has been renamed as Event Notifications. The new menu also includes the Notification Method Settings screen (formerly General Event Settings) and the Contact Groups screen (formerly User Groups).

New Read-only User Role

You can assign the new Read-only user role to easily allow user accounts to view information in the Control Manager management console without granting them access rights to modify configuration settings.

New Report Formats

You can now generate static reports in the following formats:


Operation Center

Use the Operation Center tab to gain instant insights into the antivirus pattern and Data Loss Prevention compliance status, critical threat detections, as well as resolved and unresolved events on your network.

Platform and Browser Support

This version of Control Manager includes support for the following:


This version of Control Manager discontinues support for the following:

Policy Management Enhancements

You can now assign policies to targets selected from the organizational units of multiple synchronized Active Directory forests.

To prevent gaps in network administration, you can also designate a user account as the owner for a policy even if the user account does not have access rights for the specified targets.

Security Agent Installation

Create and download Security Agent installation packages for OfficeScan or Trend Micro Security (for Mac) directly from the Control Manager console.

Simplified Log Queries

The previously named New Ad Hoc Query and Saved Ad Hoc Queries screens have been consolidated into the new Log Query screen. The enhanced Log Query screen features a new design that allows you to more easily query logs, perform advanced searches, save and share log queries, and export search results from a single screen.

Suspicious Object Management Enhancements

To further enhance your protection against previously unknown threats, you can now use the User-Defined Suspicious Objects screen to upload suspicious object files to help registered managed products detect threats without having to manually type the file SHA-1 hash value.

In addition to suspicious files, URLs, and IP addresses, you can also now expand suspicious domains in the Object column to drill down for more information.

When you expand a suspicious object in the Object column, users or endpoints denoted with a star indicate “important” users or endpoints and appear at the top of the At Risk Recipients or At Risk Endpoints lists. The Latest Action Result column displays the most recent remediation action taken by managed products. You can also click the Latest Action Result column name to sort the detection list and display threats that require further mitigation at the top.

To simplify the case handling process, the previously separate Impact Assessment and Mitigation tabs have been consolidated into one Impact Assessment and Mitigation tab.

Transport Layer Security 1.2 Support

This version of Control Manager supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol to provide stronger protection for your network communications.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication provides extra security on user accounts by requiring users to type the verification code generated by the Google Authenticator app in order to sign in to Control Manager.

Updates Menu Enhancements and Intelligent Component Downloading

The redesigned Updates menu allows you to use the Schedule Update or Manual Update screens to more easily manage and deploy component updates.

You can also enable intelligent component downloading to allow Control Manager to automatically detect and download new components in the selected component categories from an update source.

User/Endpoint Directory Enhancements

In addition to the traditional Tabular view, you can now display User or Endpoint information in Timeline view to visualize when the threat detections occurred in chronological order and more easily identify patterns over a specified period of time.

You can also export data from the User/Endpoint Directory as a *.csv file or *.png image.


Tabular view only supports exporting data as a *.csv file. Timeline view can export data as a *.csv file or a *.png image. The exported *.png timeline image only displays information for a maximum of 30 users or endpoints.

Data Protection Enhancements

Control Manager supports User-based Device Control and provides Data Loss Prevention (DLP) templates that help support GDPR compliance.

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3. Document Set

The Control Manager documentation set includes:

View and download the documentation set at:

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4. System Requirements

Control Manager can be installed on endpoints running Microsoft Windows Server platforms.

Visit the following website for a complete list of system requirements:

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5. Installation/Uninstallation

See the Control Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide for instructions on:

Visit the following website to download the Installation and Upgrade Guide:

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6. Known Issues

The following are the known issues in this release:

Detailed Deployment Rate Summary Reports

When more than 12 pattern components are deployed at the same time for the "Detailed deployment rate summary" reports, only 12 pattern components display in the generated report.

Users/Endpoints Directory Time Range

When the Time range on the Users/Endpoints Directory screen is set to "Today" and users click a red dot to view additional information, the number of threats displayed in tooltip on the Users/Endpoints Directory screen may not match the number of threats on the Security Details screen.

Microsoft Edge Browser Issues

Unable to Complete Control Manager Installation

If the server is running Visual C++ 2015 Runtime (x64), Control Manager cannot complete installation due to incorrect registry values and not being able to load the library.

To resolve this issue:

Cascading Management

Control Manager 7.0 discontinues support for cascading management for new features.

For migrated Control Manager installations, Control Manager 7.0 supports the following cascading management features:

Summary Data Views

All summary data views have been removed from log queries. Users can only view saved summary data views from a previous installation.

To resolve this issue:

Policy Migration and Product Directory Criteria

When migrating a policy that has both "Product Directory" and "Tree path" criteria, only the "Tree path" criteria ("OfficeScan domain hierarchy" in Control Manager 7.0) will be migrated. The "Product Directory" criteria will be removed in Control Manager 7.0.

Multiple Update Sources

On the Manual Update or Scheduled Update screens:

Favorites Menu

If a migrated Favorites menu contains items that have been removed in Control Manager 7.0, the removed menu items appear as empty rows in the Control Manager 7.0 Favorites menu list. Clicking an empty row in the Control Manager 7.0 Favorites menu list displays a duplicate banner and menu item.

To resolve this issue:

At Risk Recipients List

The At Risk Recipients list on the Control Manager Suspicious Objects screen does not display suspicious files detected by InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance because InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance does not send user information to Control Manager.

Content Violation Logs

Control Manager might not display the correct threat type for content violation logs submitted by InterScan Messaging Security Virtual Appliance. For example, Control Manager may display "spam" for "phishing email" threat detections.

At Risk Endpoints List

The At Risk Endpoints list on the Control Manager Suspicious Objects screen does not display suspicious files, IP addresses, or domains detected by InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance because of the following reasons:

Command Tracking

When Deep Security is synchronizing suspicious objects with Control Manager, the Command Tracking status displays as "Unsuccessful".

Policy Management

"Read-only" policy owners can still edit policy content.

Deep Security Manager Widgets

For Deep Security Manager widgets in Control Manager:

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7. Contact Information

A license to the Trend Micro software usually includes the right to product updates, pattern file updates, and basic technical support for one (1) year from the date of purchase only. After the first year, Maintenance must be renewed on an annual basis at Trend Micro's then-current Maintenance fees.

You can contact Trend Micro via fax, phone, and email, or visit us at

Evaluation copies of Trend Micro products can be downloaded from our Web site.

Global Mailing Address/Telephone Numbers

For global contact information in the Asia/Pacific region, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, and Canada, refer to

The Trend Micro 'About Us' screen displays. Click the appropriate link in the 'Contact Us' section of the screen.

Note: This information is subject to change without notice.

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8. About Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in Internet content security and threat management, aims to create a world safe for the exchange of digital information for businesses and consumers. A pioneer in server-based antivirus with over 20 years experience, we deliver top-ranked security that fits our customers' needs, stops new threats faster, and protects data in physical, virtualized and cloud environments. Powered by the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, our industry-leading cloud-computing security technology and products stop threats where they emerge, on the Internet, and are supported by 1,000+ threat intelligence experts around the globe. For additional information, visit

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9. License Agreement

Information about your license agreement with Trend Micro can be viewed at

Third-party licensing agreements can be viewed by:

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