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Trend Micro Smart Protection Server  includes the following new features and enhancements:

New for Version 3.0 Patch 2

Certificate import
A new screen on the web console allows users to manage certificates for increased security.
HTTPS support for component updates
If your update source for File Reputation and Web Reputation components is not the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate Server, you can now specify an HTTPS update source. In previous versions, only HTTP update sources are supported.

New for Version 3.0 Patch 1

Connected Threat Defense enhancement
Smart Protection Server integrates with Control Manager & OfficeScan to support Connected Threat Defense with centrally-defined actions for suspicious objects.

New for Version 3.0

Enhanced pattern performance
Improved the performance of File and Web Reputation Services to reduce the memory resource usage when loading patterns.
  • Web Reputation Services
    Enhanced Web Reputation Services by allowing incremental updates for the Web Blocking Pattern. This reduces the memory and network bandwidth usage when loading the Web Blocking Pattern.
  • File Reputation Services
    Enhanced the File Reputation Services log import mechanism to update the database directly from the web server. This ensures the following:
    • Importing access logs into the database is now in real-time and there will be less processing times for the same amount of data and improves disk I/O performance.
    • Reduction in the server load and resource usage.
Enhanced capacity
A standalone Smart Protection Server can now support up to 25,000 Trend Micro™ OfficeScan™ 11 agents.
Dashboard Enhancement
  • Provides new layouts and tables for widgets.
  • Widgets now get the data from the web server on a daily basis.
  • Fixed time out issues and some minor bugs.
New management information base (MIB) for system information
Provided the capability to query Smart Protection Server system information directly from a third-party MIB browser tool. These are:
  • SNMP MIB-2 System (
  • SNMP MIB-2 Interfaces (
For more information, refer to Supported MIB.
New Command Line Interface (CLI) Commands
Provided new commands for the following:
  • Setting up an NTP server (configure ntp)
  • Changing the service port (configure port)
    Use this command only if there is a conflict with the current service port.
For more information, refer to Command Line Interface (CLI) Commands.
Enhanced virtual machine capabilities
  • Smart Protection Server now supports VMware VMXNET 3 network adapter in an IPv6 environment.
  • Fixed the IPv6 Microsoft Hyper-V network adapter issue with Linux Kernel version 5.8.