Resolving Orphan Devices Parent topic

There are two scenarios in which an orphan devices is created:
  • An encrypted device in an Amazon EC2 cloud environment is not associated with an image, even though the SecureCloud Agent is installed and started
  • The device was encrypted by an earlier version of the SecureCloud Agent, the Key Management Server has since been upgraded, and the SecureCloud Agent is not started
When an orphan device is detected, the warning message There are device(s) not associated with any computerdisplays on the Inventory screen, with a hyperlink to the Edit Orphan Devices screen.


  • To resolve orphaned devices in the Amazon EC2 scenario:
    • On the Edit Orphan Devices screen, click Export and follow the instructions to export the device keys.
      Only users with the Security Administrator role can export the device keys.
    • Import the device keys into the Amazon EC2 environment and use the keys to decrypt the device. Back up any important device data.
    • On the Edit Orphan Devices screen, click Delete to delete the device keys. The device is also removed from the inventory.
  • To resolve orphaned devices in the SecureCloud Agent scenario:
    • Install the newest version of the SecureCloud Agent on the machine. Once the agent service starts the device is able to communicate with the Key Management Server.