Migrating a SecureCloud Agent to a Newer Version Parent topic

Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot a SecureCloud Agent migration.


  • Check the version of the SecureCloud Agent that is running on the target machine:
    • On Windows, right-click <SecureCloud agent install path>\C9AgentSvc, select the Properties option, and then check the version information on the Details tab
    • On Debian Linux, run dpkg -s scagent
    • On RedHat Linux, run rpm -q scagent
    The Installation Wizard for Windows and the Configuration Tool can only migrate versions 2.0 and 3.0 of the SecureCloud Agent. Administrators must manually uninstall older versions of the SecureCloud Agent.
  • On Linux systems, check to see if the Data Armor driver is locked:
    Run lsmod.
    If the Used by value is equal to 1, the Data Armor module is being used and is therefore locked. Restart the machine to free any locked processes, files, or folders.
  • On Windows systems, check the SCAgentInstall.log installation log for any outstanding issues:
    The log is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Trend Micro\SecureCloud\Agent\logfiles\. Below is a sample log entry from SCAgentInstall.log:
    [timestamp]: Windows Installer installed the product.
    Product Name: Trend Micro SecureCloud Agent. Product Version: 3.0.0.xxxx. 
    Product Language 1033... Installation success.