Features and Benefits

Security Risk Protection

OfficeScan protects your computer from viruses/malware, spyware/grayware and Web threats. The OfficeScan client reports events to, and gets updates from, the OfficeScan server.

Web Reputation

Web Reputation technology integrated into OfficeScan proactively protects client computers within or outside the corporate network from malicious and potentially dangerous Web sites. Web Reputation breaks the infection chain and prevents downloading of malicious code.

Enhanced Anti-spyware Capabilities

OfficeScan protects against a wide variety of spyware, including adware, dialers, joke programs, remote-access tools, and password cracking applications. Using an extensive, up-to-date spyware database and customized exclusion lists, it minimizes the risk of spyware-related slowdowns, crashes, and support calls. It also prevents key loggers from stealing confidential information, preserves bandwidth, and secures business productivity.

Plug-in Manager and Plug-in Programs

Plug-in programs, along with new product versions, service packs, and patches, are designed to add new features and security capabilities into OfficeScan, and enhance the product's performance. Plug-in Manager facilitates the installation and management of these plug-in programs.

Security and Policy Enforcement

OfficeScan provides seamless integration of the Cisco™ Trust Agent, enabling the most effective policy enforcement within a Cisco Self-Defending Network. It also includes a Policy Server for automated communication with Cisco Access Control Servers.

OfficeScan Firewall

The OfficeScan firewall protects computers using stateful inspection, high performance network virus scanning, and elimination.

Damage Cleanup Services

Damage Cleanup Services™ cleans computers of file-based and network viruses plus virus and worm remnants (Trojans, registry entries, viral files)—through a fully-automated process. OfficeScan and Damage Cleanup Services are key components of Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS)—designed to proactively manage the outbreak lifecycle—from vulnerability prevention to malicious code elimination.

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