Smart Protection Sources and Computer Location Parent topic

The smart protection source to which the client connects depends on the client computer’s location.
For details on configuring location settings, see Computer Location.

Smart Protection Sources by Location

Smart Protection Sources
External clients send scan and web reputation queries to Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.
Internal clients send scan and web reputation queries to Smart Protection Servers or Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.
If you have installed Smart Protection Servers, configure the smart protection source list on the OfficeScan web console. An internal client picks a server from the list if it needs to make a query. If a client is unable to connect to the first server, it picks another server on the list.
Assign a standalone Smart Protection Server as the primary scan source and the integrated server as a backup. This reduces the traffic directed to the computer that hosts the OfficeScan server and integrated server. The standalone server can also process more queries.
You can configure either the standard or custom list of smart protection sources. The standard list is used by all internal clients. A custom list defines an IP address range. If an internal client’s IP address is within the range, the client uses the custom list.