OfficeScan Firewall

The OfficeScan firewall helps protect OfficeScan clients from hacker attacks and network viruses by creating a barrier between the client and the network.


Traffic Filtering

The OfficeScan firewall filters all incoming and outgoing traffic, providing the ability to block certain types of traffic based on the following criteria:

Scanning for Network Viruses

The OfficeScan firewall also examines each packet for network viruses.

Customizable Profiles and Policies

The OfficeScan firewall gives you the ability to configure policies to block or allow specified types of network traffic.

Stateful Inspection

The OfficeScan firewall is a stateful inspection firewall; it monitors all connections to the client and remembers all connection states. It can identify specific conditions in any connection, predict what actions should follow, and detect disruptions in a normal connection. Filtering decisions, therefore, are based not only on profiles and policies, but also on the context established by analyzing connections and filtering packets that pass through the firewall.

Intrusion Detection System

The OfficeScan firewall also includes an Intrusion Detection System (IDS). When enabled, IDS can help identify patterns in network packets that may indicate an attack on the client. The OfficeScan firewall can help prevent the following well-known intrusions:

Firewall Violation Outbreak Monitor

The OfficeScan firewall sends a customized notification message to specified recipients when firewall violations exceed certain thresholds, which may signal an attack.

Client Firewall Privileges

Your administrator can grant you the privilege to view firewall settings on the OfficeScan client console. You can also have the privilege to enable or disable the firewall, the Intrusion Detection System, and the firewall violation notification message.

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