Specifying Message Rules Parent topic


  1. Go to AdministrationIMSS ConfigurationSMTP Routing.
  2. Click the Message Rule tab.
    The Message Rule screen appears.
  3. Specify the Message Limits settings:
    • Maximum message size: Specify the number of megabytes.
    • Maximum data size per connection: Specify the maximum data for each connection.
    • Maximum messages per connection: Specify the maximum number of messages for each connection.
    • Maximum number of recipients: Specify the number of recipients from 0 to 99999.
  4. Select the check box under LDAP Look Up to check recipients on the LDAP server, if desired.
  5. Select the check box under Reverse DNS Look Up to perform a check on the domain name associated with an incoming IP address, if desired.
  6. Specify the Incoming Message Settings.
    IMSS relays the messages to the added domains.
    When importing, import both the exact domain and all sub-domains for best results.
    The following shows sample content of a domain list text file:
    • domain.com: Imports the exact domain
    • *.domain.com: Imports all sub-domains
    • domain.org: Imports the exact domain
    The import file must be a text file containing one domain per line. You can use wildcards when specifying the domain.
  7. Specify the Permitted Senders of Relayed Mail.
    • Host only
    • Same subnet as the host
    • Same IP class as the host
    • Specified IP addresses
  8. Click Save.
    For security reasons, Trend Micro recommends that you avoid open relay when configuring the message rule settings. For more information on how to avoid open relay, refer to the Online Help and the FAQ section in this manual.