Opening the IMSS Management Console Parent topic

You can view the IMSS management console using a web browser from the server where you installed the program, or remotely across the network.


  1. Type the following URL:
    https://<target server IP address>:8445
    An alternative to using the IP address is to use the target server’s fully qualified domain name (FQDN).
  2. Type the logon credentials to open the management console.
    The default logon credentials are as follows:
    • Administrator user name: admin
    • Password: imss7.5
  3. Click Log On.
    If you are using Internet Explorer to access the management console, Internet Explorer will block the access and display a popup dialog box indicating that the certificate was issued from a different web address. Add the management console IP address to your Trusted sites list (Internet OptionsSecurity in Internet Explorer) or ignore the message and click Continue to this website to proceed.

What to do next

Trend Micro recommends changing the password regularly, to prevent unauthorized access to the management console.