Step 8: Configuring Control Manager Server Settings Parent topic


  1. Click Next.
    The TMCM Server Settings screen appears.
  2. If you will use Control Manager to manage IMSVA, do the following:
    1. Select Enable MCP Agent (installed with IMSVA by default).
    2. Next to Server, specify the TMCM IP address or FQDN.
    3. Next to Communication protocol, select HTTP or HTTPS and specify the corresponding port number.
      The default port number for HTTP access is 80, and the default port number for HTTPS is 443.
    4. Under Web server authentication, specify the user name and password for the web server if it requires authentication.
    5. If a proxy server is between IMSVA and Control Manager, select Enable proxy.
    6. Specify the proxy server port number, user name, and password.