Step 5: Configuring the Update Source Parent topic


  1. Click Next.
    The Update Source screen appears.
  2. Configure the following update settings, which will determine from where IMSVA will receive its component updates and through which proxy (if any) IMSVA needs to connect to access the Internet:
    • Source: Click Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server to receive updates directly from Trend Micro. Alternatively, click Other Internet source and specify the URL of the update source that will check the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server for updates. You can specify an update source of your choice or type the URL of your Control Manager server http://<CM server address>/ControlManager/download/activeupdate/, if applicable.
    • Proxy Settings: Select the Use a proxy server for updates to patterns, engines, licenses, Web Reputation queries, Cloud Pre-Filter, and Trend Micro Email Encryption check box and configure the proxy type, server name, port, user name, and passwords.