Managing Policies

IMSVA policies are rules that are applied to SMTP and POP3 email messages. Create rules to enforce your organization’s antivirus and other security goals. By default, IMSVA includes a Global Antivirus rule to help protect your network from viruses and related Internet threats. Because an antivirus rule addresses the most critical and potentially damaging types of messages, you should always keep it in the first position on the rule list so IMSVA can analyze traffic for virus content first.

The antivirus rule does not protect against spam. For the best protection against spam, configure a custom rule that includes spam in the scanning conditions, and activate the IP Filtering product.

You can create multiple rules for the following types of policies. Use policies to reduce security and productivity threats to your messaging system:

An IMSVA policy has the following components:

  1. Click Policy > Policy List. The Policy screen appears.

  2. Configure the Filter by options:

      1. Specify a route:

      1. Specify the type of protection the policy provides:

      1. Specify the users the policy protects:

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