About Spyware/Grayware Parent topic

Your clients are at risk from potential threats other than viruses/malware. Grayware can negatively affect the performance of the computers on your network and introduce significant security, confidentiality, and legal risks to your organization.

Types of Grayware

Gathers data, such as account user names and passwords, and transmits them to third parties
Displays advertisements and gathers data, such as user web surfing preferences, to target advertisements at the user through a web browser
Change computer Internet settings and can force a computer to dial pre-configured phone numbers through a modem
Joke Programs
Cause abnormal computer behavior, such as closing and opening the CD-ROM tray and displaying numerous message boxes
Hacking Tools
Help hackers enter computers
Remote Access Tools
Help hackers remotely access and control computers
Password Cracking Applications
Help hackers decipher account user names and passwords
Other types not covered above