Macro Viruses/Malware Parent topic

Macro viruses/malware are application-specific. They infect macro utilities that accompany such applications as Microsoft Word (.doc) and Microsoft Excel (.xls). Therefore, they can be detected in files with extensions common to macro capable applications, such as .doc, .xls, and .ppt. Macro viruses/malware travel between data files in the application and can eventually infect hundreds of files if undeterred.
As these file types are often attached to email messages, macro viruses/malware spread readily by means of the Internet in email attachments.
IM Security prevents macro viruses/malware from infecting your server in the following ways:
  • Detects malicious macro code using heuristic scanning
    Heuristic scanning is an evaluative method of detecting viruses/malware. This method excels at detecting undiscovered viruses/malware and threats that do not have a known virus signature.
  • Strips all macro code from scanned files