PPTP VPN Troubleshooting Parent topic

If there are problems setting up the PPTP VPN, you may receive the following errors.

Understanding PPTP VPN Error Messages

Error Message Explanation Recommended Action
VPN Error 800 - Unable to establish the VPN connection. PPTP packets from the VPN client cannot reach the Deep Edge server.
  1. - Ping the Deep Edge appliance, assuming pinging is allowed (that is, not blocked) between the PPTP client and the Deep Edge appliance. Confirm that you have network connectivity between the PPTP client and the Deep Edge appliance.
  2. - To allow PPTP traffic, configure the network firewall to open TCP port 1723 and to forward IP protocol 47 for Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) traffic to the Deep Edgeserver. Some firewalls refer to IP protocol 47 as VPN or PPTP pass-through.
VPN Error 734 - The PPP link control protocol terminated. The protocol between the PPTP client and Deep Edge server is mismatched. For security considerations, Deep Edge appliance only supports MS-CHAP Version 2 and Point-to-Point Encryption. Make sure the PPTP client supports these two protocols.
VPN Error 691 - Access denied because user name and/or password is invalid on the domain User name and/or password is invalid. Input the correct user name and/or password or ask your System Administrator to reset the password.