Configuring General SSL VPN Server Settings

SSL VPN must be enabled to perform this procedure. To configure the general SSL VPN settings, select the interface, protocol (TCP/UDP), port, and authentication method associated with the VPN server. All SSL VPN clients use the override hostname option when accessing the corporate network.

To configure general SSL VPN server settings:

  1. Go to Network > User VPN > SSL VPN > General.

  2. From the drop-down list, select the protocol (TCP or UDP) to be used with SSL VPN.

  3. Type the SSL Port number.

  4. Type the device IP address for the Override host, if the hostname of the device cannot be resolved in the client machine.

  5. Select the authentication server: Local or RADIUS.

    1. For RADIUS, also add:

  6. Click Apply or continue with the following:

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