Configuring Proxy Settings Parent topic

Deep Discovery Inspector uses the proxy settings configured in the web console when:
  • Downloading updates from the Trend Micro ActiveUpdate server or another update source
  • Updating the product license
  • Connecting to other Trend Micro products (Threat Management Services Portal (TMSP), Smart Protection Server, and Trend Micro Control Manager).


  1. Go to AdministrationGlobal SettingsSystem SettingsProxy Settings.
  2. Select Use a proxy server for pattern, engine, and license updates.
  3. Select HTTP, SOCKS4, or SOCKS5 for the Proxy protocol.
  4. Type the Server name or IP address and the Port number.
  5. If the proxy server requires authentication, type the User name and Password under Proxy server authentication.
  6. Click Test Connection to verify connection settings.
  7. Click Save if connection was successful.