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Deep Discovery Email Inspector stops sophisticated targeted attacks and cyber threats by scanning, simulating, and analyzing suspicious links and attachments in email messages before they can threaten your network. Designed to integrate into your existing email network topology, Deep Discovery Email Inspector can act as a Mail Transfer Agent in the mail traffic flow or as an out-of-band appliance silently monitoring your network for cyber threats and unwanted spam messages.

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New Features in Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.5

Data Loss Prevention
Deep Discovery Email Inspector includes the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature to safeguard your organization’s digital assets against accidental or deliberate leakage. Data Loss Prevention allows you to:
  • Identify the digital assets to protect
  • Create rules and policies that limit or prevent the transmission of digital assets through email messages
  • Enforce compliance to established privacy standards in your organization
New virtual appliance model
Deep Discovery Email Inspector offers virtualized deployment with external Virtual Analyzer, enabling easier deployment in virtualized data centers and branch offices.
Deep Discovery Director 5.0 support
Deep Discovery Email Inspector supports integration with Deep Discovery Director 5.0 to enable central management of the following:
  • End-user quarantine
  • Quarantine logs
  • Message queues
Message reroute
You can configure Deep Discovery Email Inspector to reroute email messages in deferred and incoming message queues to the specified SMTP server.
Enhanced End-user Quarantine configuration
The configuration screens for the End-User Quarantine feature have been enhanced to provide improved user experience.
Enhanced URL detection
The URL detection feature has been enhanced to allow Deep Discovery Email Inspector to extract and scan URLs from web page archive (.mht) files .
Enhanced Virtual Analyzer
The Virtual Analyzer has been enhanced to include the following features:
  • New file types (.csv with dynamic data exchange (DDE), xht, and xhtml ) for sandbox analysis
  • Submission of new file types (dmg and pkg) for analysis in external Mac sandbox
  • Office macro for Smart Feedback
Enhanced content filtering
The enhanced content filtering feature includes the following:
  • File sanitization to remove active content (such as macros) from Microsoft Office files
  • Content keyword and expression matching
Apex Central 2019 integration
Deep Discovery Email Inspector integrates with Apex Central 2019, which allows for single-sign on and role-based mapping from Apex Central.
Enhanced YARA rule feature
The enhanced YARA rule feature supports 3.8.1 of the official specifications.
Enhanced management console
The management console has been enhanced to allow a user to continue with the current management console session and terminates other sessions for the same user account after an account password change.
Inline migration support
Deep Discovery Email Inspector provides users with the option of automatically migrating the settings from the following versions to 3.5:
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.2
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.1
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.0