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Deep Discovery Email Inspector stops sophisticated targeted attacks and cyber threats by scanning, simulating, and analyzing suspicious links and attachments in email messages before they can threaten your network. Designed to integrate into your existing email network topology, Deep Discovery Email Inspector can act as a Mail Transfer Agent in the mail traffic flow or as an out-of-band appliance silently monitoring your network for cyber threats and unwanted spam messages.

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New Features in Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.2

Deep Discovery Director 3.5 support
Deep Discovery Email Inspector supports integration with Deep Discovery Director 3.5 to enable central management of the following information:
  • Detection logs:
    • Message detection information (detected messages, message screenshots, message headers, investigation packages)
    • Virtual Analyzer analysis information (investigation packages, VA report)
  • Message tracking logs (including investigation packages)
  • MTA logs
Enhanced URL detection
Deep Discovery Email Inspector provides the option to disable and enable URL scanning to enable the following:
  • Greater administrator control over product configuration
  • Sample pre-fetch for further scanning from URL previews of WeTransfer sharing service
Enhanced Virtual Analyzer
The Virtual Analyzer has been enhanced to include the following features:
  • New file types (.url and .jqy) for sandbox analysis
  • 404 response code enhancement for URL samples
  • ISO file detection and scanning
Enhanced content filtering
The content filtering feature has been enhanced to provide the following features:
  • Whole word and case-sensitive options for keyword matching
  • Detect spoofing by matching sender addresses to message headers (From field)
Enhanced approved and blocked sender configuration
You can configure the Approved Senders and Blocked Senders lists for sender filtering and sender authentication settings.
Enhanced alert notification
Deep Discovery Email Inspector includes the following enhancements for alert notification:
  • New alert: Connection issue
  • Include threat name information in Suspicious Messages Identified, Watchlisted Recipients at Risk, and Quarantined Messages with Detected Threats alerts
Enhanced detection information
Detection information in Deep Discovery Email Inspector has been enhanced to provide the following:
  • Time-of-Click detection information display on dashboard widget and Logs screen
  • Option to include file names of stripped attachments in replacement files
Inline migration support
Deep Discovery Email Inspector provides users with the option of automatically migrating the settings from the following versions to 3.2:
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.1
  • Deep Discovery Email Inspector 3.0