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Use the Submitters screen, in Virtual Analyzer Submitters, to adjust Virtual Analyzer resource allocation between all sources that submit objects to Deep Discovery Analyzer for analysis. Virtual Analyzer utilizes more resources to process submissions by submitters with higher weight settings.
The following columns show information about submitters, average processing time, total submissions, and total resources allocated to submitters. Columns for the adjustment of weight and removal of submitters are provided as well.

Submitters Columns

Column Name
Information / Action
Name of the Trend Micro product that submits the objects
Host Name
Host name of the Trend Micro product that submits the objects
Last Submission
Date and time Virtual Analyzer last received a submission
Average Processing Time
Average time it takes Virtual Analyzer to process a submitted object
Submissions (% of Total)
Number of objects submitted by the Trend Micro product
Weight setting of the Trend Micro product
Specify a value between 1 and 100 to recalculate resource allocation.
% of Total Resources
Percentage of total Virtual Analyzer resources allocated to the Trend Micro product.
Timeout period allotted for the Trend Micro product
Specify a timeout period from 0 to 10000 minutes. A value of 0 means timeout is disabled. The number of samples affected by the timeout period for the past 24 hours is summarized in the Count column.
Deletes the Trend Micro product from Deep Discovery Analyzer
Deleted products cannot submit new objects for scanning and analysis or query analysis results, but queued objects will be processed and analysis results will be stored.
To reintegrate the product, see Integration with Trend Micro Products and Services.