Accounts Tab Parent topic

Use the Accounts tab to create and manage user accounts.


  1. Go to AdministrationAccounts / Contacts.
  2. Use the following options to manage user accounts:
    • To add a new user account, click Add .
      The Add Account window opens. For details, see Add / Edit Account .
    • To delete an account, select one or more user accounts and click Delete.
      • You cannot delete the default Deep Discovery Analyzer administrator account.
      • You cannot delete the logged-on account.
    • To manually unlock an account, select a user account and click Unlock.
      Deep Discovery Analyzer includes a security feature that locks an account in case the user typed an incorrect password five times in a row. This feature cannot be disabled. Locked accounts automatically unlock after ten minutes. The administrator can manually unlock accounts that have been locked.
      Only one user account can be unlocked at a time.
  3. To make changes to an existing account, click the user name of the account.
    The Edit Account window opens. For details, see Add / Edit Account .
  4. If there are many entries in the table, use the following options to manage the user accounts list:
    • Select an account type from the Type drop down to show only the accounts for a specfic type.
    • Click the Name column to sort names alphabetically.
    • Type a few characters in the Search text box to narrow down the entries. As you type, the entries that match the characters you typed are displayed. Deep Discovery Analyzer searches all cells in the current page for matches.
    • The panel at the bottom of the screen shows the total number of user accounts. If all user accounts cannot be displayed at the same time, use the pagination controls to view the accounts that are hidden from view.