New in this Release

The following table outlines the new features and enhancements included in this release of Worry-Free Business Security Services.



New Live Status Design

Find important information conveniently grouped into simple widgets that can help you identify and solve problems rapidly.

See Live Status for more information.

Active Directory Settings

Import your Active Directory structure into the Device Tree to manage devices more easily and efficiently. New devices that install the Security Agent will appear automatically in the domain group that they joined in the Device Tree.

See Active Directory Settings for more information.

Email Notification Enhancements

Clarified email subject lines and a concise event summary with a possible solution can help you resolve problems faster.

See Using Notifications for more information.

Smaller Security Agent Installation Package

The new Security Agent installation package has shrunk significantly, resulting in a download bandwidth reduction of 30% - 85%, depending on the deployment scenario.

Android Security Agent Enhancements

Security Scan now supports additional types of scans.

  • Vulnerability Scan: Checks for apps that are vulnerable to exploit attacks

  • Modified App Scan: Checks for repackaged apps that may be used for malware attacks or information theft