Widget Tasks

The following table lists widget-related tasks:



Add a widget

Open a tab and then click Add Widgets at the top right corner of the tab. The Add Widgets screen displays.

Refresh widget data

Click the refresh icon ().

View help

Click the Help ().

Delete a widget

Click the Close Widget (). This action removes the widget from the tab that contains it, but not from the other tabs that contain it or from the widget list in the Add Widgets screen.

Move a widget

Use drag-and-drop to move a widget to a different location within the tab.

Resize a widget

To resize a widget, point the cursor to the right edge of the widget. When you see a thick vertical line and an arrow (as shown in the following image), hold and then move the cursor to the left or right.

Only widgets on multi-column tabs can be resized. These tabs have any of the following layouts and the highlighted sections contain widgets that can be resized.