Ransomware Detections Widget

Displays ransomware detection data from Cloud App Security, Hosted Email Security, Worry-Free Business Security Services, Cloud Edge, InterScan Web Security as a Service, and Worry-Free Business Security.

  • You can change the time range for the data shown by selecting from:

    • Last 24 hours (default)

    • Last 7 days

    • Last 30 days

  • You can view ransomware event logs by clicking the following counts:

    • Infection attempts: Shows ransomware event logs sorted by number of occurrences.

    • Customers with ransomware detections: Shows ransomware event logs sorted by company name.

  • Expand the information box () to view the Maximize Ransomware Protection for Worry-Free Business Security Services link. Click the link to enable ransomware protection for all your customers.

    For more information about configuring ransomware protection in Remote Manager, see Maximizing Ransomware Protection FAQs.