Event Details

The Event Details screen provides a more in-depth view of threat and system events affecting Worry-Free Business Security Services customers.

The following table outlines the information provided on the Event Details screen.



Event type

Displays an icon and description for the following event types:

  • Action Required

  • Warning

Event category

Describes the specific event displayed and the subcategory


Describes the issue and any threshold settings related to the event notfication

Suggested action

Provides recommendations for events that the managed product cannot directly resolve

Action buttons

Available actions vary based on the specific event

Possible actions include:

  • Dismiss Notification: Dismisses the notification after you have taken manual action to resolve an issue on an endpoint that the managed product was unable to resolve directly.

    After dismissing an event notification, Remote Manager removes the event data from the Notification Center, related Remote Manager widgets, and the Worry-Free Business Security Services console.


    Dismissing an event does not delete any log data related to the event. Remote Manager only dismisses the event notification information.

  • Download Tool: If another Trend Micro tool is available to help resolve the security threat, click to obtain the software package.


    You must manually run the tool on the affected endpoints to resolve the security threat.

  • Enable Real-time Scan: Click to automatically enable the Real-time Scan service on the affected endpoints.

  • Update Security Agents: Click to trigger the update process on the affected, outdated endpoints.

Affected endpoints list

Displays a list of the affected endpoints and specific event data related to the event category