Notification Center

The Notification Center provides a quick way to identify customers with "Action required" and "Warning" events.

Access the Notification Center through the Customers with Notifications widget.

For more information, see Customers with Notifications Widget.

The following table outlines the options available on the Notification Center screen for both the Action Required and Warning tabs.



Export All

Click to export a CSV file containing all data related to your customers with events.


Dismiss notifications after you have taken manual action to resolve an issue on an endpoint that the managed product was unable to resolve directly.

Select an event or multiple events for supported managed products and click Dismiss to remove the event data from the Notification Center, related Remote Manager widgets, and the following managed product consoles (if applicable):

  • Worry-Free Business Security

  • Worry-Free Business Security Services


Dismissing an event does not delete any log data related to the event. Remote Manager only dismisses the event notification information.

Configure Notifications

Click to open the Administration > Configure notifications screen and configure the global notification settings in Remote Manager.

For more information, see Configuring Global Notification Settings.


Select the types of events that display in the table.

  • All: Displays notifications for all event types

  • License: Displays only license notifications

  • System: Displays only system notifications

  • Threat: Displays only threat notifications


Click a Company name in the table to open the Customers > [customer] screen and view all events related to that particular customer.

For more information, see Customer Products.


Click the Occurrences count to view more details for a particular event.

Depending on the managed product, the event details display as follows:

  • Worry-Free Business Security (Standard or Advanced): A pop-up screen appears outlining details for all occurrences of the particular event

  • Worry-Free Business Security Services: The Event Details screen appears displaying addtional information about the event and suggested resolution actions.

    For more information, see Event Details.

  • All other managed products: Remote Manager opens the managed product console where you can find more information about events.