Cloud Edge Customers with the Most Threats Widget

This widget shows the Cloud Edge customers with the highest number of threat events.

Data displays in a table and bar chart. To switch views, click the table icon or the bar chart icon in the upper-right ().

  • Click the count to the right to view detailed threat information from the Cloud Edge console.

  • Click a Customer name to open the Customers > [customer] screen.

  • Change the category of the data shown by selecting from:

    • All

    • Botnet

    • C&C callback

    • IPS

    • Predictive Machine Learning

    • Ransomware (email channel)

    • Ransomware (network channel)

    • Ransomware (web channel)

    • Spam

    • Virtual Analyzer

    • Virus (email channel)

    • Virus (web channel)

    • Web Reputation