Reports Overview

Trend Micro Remote Manager lets you generate, download, and automatically send out reports. Reports provide an overview of license status, assessment results, threat incidents, major threats, and the most affected computers, files and email addresses in your customers’ networks.

Reports include a range of statistics from Worry-Free Business Security (all) and Hosted Email Security. Remote Manager allows for report profiles, one-time and periodic reports, date ranges, and multiple email recipients. Remote Manager saves the 30 most recent daily reports, ten most recent weekly reports, and five most recent monthly reports. General reports are suitable for resellers and customers. Detailed reports are suitable for resellers and partners.

Figure 1. Reports Page

Report profiles enable you to create multiple reports from a single profile. For example, create a one-time report today, generate that report, and tomorrow, change some options and regenerate without having to recreate the entire report. Remote Manager currently supports general and detailed reports.