InterScan Web Security as a Service

Simple. Quick. Cost-effective Solution.

Trend Micro understands how important it is to safeguard your network and how costly the technology infrastructure can be to do this. Therefore, with our expert cloud technology, we have created an elastic cloud-security gateway product—InterScan Web Security as a Service (IWSaaS).

As a cloud-based application, no capital expenditure needs to be invested in either hardware or software. By using IWSaaS, you can focus on strategic security, such as policy and architecture, rather than on the operational tasks of managing network infrastructure.

Our Cloud Solution Will Help You:

  • Protect against viruses or other security risks in file-uploads and downloads using highly configurable Anti-Malware Protection technology. In addition, IWSaaS scans for many types of spyware, grayware, and other risk types.
  • Block websites determined by Web Reputation Service (WRS) to be malicious, based on a website’s reputation score.
  • Control Internet applications discovered by Application Control using policies.
  • Control access to any specific site using the Approved/Blocked lists.
  • Scan traffic organized by URL categories, such as “Adult” and “Gambling”. When a user requests a URL, IWSaaS, using URL Filtering policies, first looks up the category for that URL and then allows, denies, or monitors access based on the policies set up.
  • Monitor and analyze web traffic status using the dashboard reporting and log query feature.

How IWSaaS Works

The diagram below illustrates how IWSaaS manages your network traffic in the cloud. When a user sends an HTTP request - whether inside or outside your firewall - that user's traffic is routed through the cloud. IWSaaS inspects the request, analyzes it, and filters it based on policies set by administrators. If the request is allowed, and the user logs onto IWSaaS, then IWSaaS sends the secure content back to the user. If the request is not allowed, for example a request to a forbidden URL category, then IWSaaS blocks the request and notifies the user.

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