Configuring the Approved/Blocked URLs List

You can configure the Approved/Blocked URLs list for your Worry-Free Business Security Services customers and deploy the list to multiple customers, device groups, or at the global settings level.


Deploying the Approved/Blocked URLs list policy settings to specific device groups automatically enables the customized approved/blocked URLs list on Security Agents.

For more information, see the Worry-Free Business Security Services Online Help.

  • The policy configuration settings for the Approved URLs list apply to both the Web Reputation and URL Filtering features.

  • The policy configuration settings for the Blocked URLs list only apply to the URL Filtering feature.

  1. Go to Customers.
  2. Select one or more customers from the Company list.
  3. Click Policy Settings and select Approved/Blocked URLs List.

    The Approved/Blocked URLs List screen appears.

  4. Select the Targets for the policy settings.
    • Customers (Global Settings): Applies changes only to the global settings for the selected customers in the list


      Any changes made to the global settings do not apply to any preexisting device groups. You must select Device Groups to immediately apply changes to existing device groups.

    • Device groups: Applies changes to the selected device groups in the list


      To select specific types of device groups, use the Select Groups drop-down button to select or remove device groups from the policy setting. By default, Remote Manager selects all device groups for all customers.

  5. Click Configure Policy >.
  6. Configure the policy settings for the Approved List and Blocked List.
    1. Use the drop-down box to specify how changes affect each list.
      • Select an action: The default setting which does not apply any changes the current policy settings

      • Append: Remote Manager adds the specified items to the existing list

      • Delete: Remote Manager removes the specified items from the existing list


        If Remote Manager does not locate the specified item in the existing list, Remote Manager does not perform any action on the list.

      • Overwrite: Remote Manager deletes all items from the existing list and replaces the list with the specified items


        You cannot undo this action. If you choose to replace the entire list, you cannot recover the previous list items.

    2. Type the URLs that apply to the policy.

      If the number of entries added to the Approved/Blocked URLs list causes the list to exceed the maximum allowable value, then the list deployment will fail.

      Specify multiple entries using the space character, comma (,), semicolon (;), or ENTER key.

      URLs can use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard (the asterisk matches zero or more characters).

  7. Click Deploy Policy Settings.

    Remote Manager deploys the changes to the specified customers or device groups. You can monitor the status of the policy deployment from the Administration logs.

    For more information, see Viewing Administration Logs.