Adding Customers

You should identify basic customer information before you create the customer account. Fields to note include First and Last Name (as it will appear on reports and notifications), Time zone (of the customer), and Language (in which the customer will receive reports and notifications). Before you add a customer and install the Agent on the managed server, make sure you have written approval to perform tasks to access, monitor, and manage the customer's resources.

  1. From the Remote Manager web console banner, click New Customer.

    You can click New Customer from the Banner, or from the Customers tab.

  2. Provide the customer information.
    Figure 1. Customer Info Screen
  3. Click Next >.
  4. Assign a service plan, license start date, and the number of units per license.
  5. Set up the product default settings for this account. These are:

    This feature is only for Worry-Free Business Security Services and Cloud Edge.

    • Basic: Configure only the settings on this screen that new customer accounts will use.
      Figure 2. Basic product settings
    • Templates: Use this option to select a default setting template. Configure the settings from Administration > Configure default settings template.
  6. Verify all the information and then click Save.

    After adding the customer, profile changes can only be made from the Trend Micro Licensing Management Platform.