Adding New Products Using a Customer Licensing Portal Account

You can only add the following products using a CLP account:

  • Hosted Email Security

  • Worry-Free Business Security

  • Worry-Free Business Security Services

  1. On the Remote Manager console, go to Customers > [customer] > Products > Add.

    The Add Product screen appears.

  2. In the Product type drop-down, select the product you want to register to the customer.
  3. Type a Product description.
  4. Click Save.

    A confirmation screen appears with further instructions.

  5. Copy the "Authorization Key" or "GUID" that you must use to register the managed product to Remote Manager.
  6. On the managed product console, go to Administration > Trend Micro Remote Manager.
  7. Provide the "Authorization Key" or "GUID" in the available field.
  8. Click Connect.

    The managed product connects to Remote Manager and registers to the previously selected customer account.

    Verify that the registration of the managed product was successful by opening the Remote Manager console and viewing the customer product list.