Customer Products

The customer Products tab displays all products currently associated with the customer account and lists all related event notifications.


You can filter the Notification Events list using the View by drop-down boxes above the table.

The following table outlines the tasks available on the Products tab.



Add new products

Click the Add button to assign new products and service plans to the customer.

For more information, see Adding New Products Using a Licensing Management Platform Account or Adding New Products Using a Customer Licensing Portal Account.

Manage product settings

Select a product in the product tree to display event notifications and configuration settings specific to that product

For more information, see specific product setting information for the following products:

For more information about the icons that display in the product tree, see Network Tree Status Icons.

View threat and system event notifications

By default, Remote Manager displays all event notifications for all products associated with the customer account. To view event notifications for a specific product, select the product from the product tree.

For more information, see Managed Product Events.

To view details about a specific event, click the Occurrences count.