Customer Notification

The customer Notification tab allows you to configure the types of event notifications that Remote Manager sends to the configured recipients, third-party remote management and monitoring tools, and the type of email content sent.

You can accept the global notification settings or customize the settings per customer.

For more information about global notification settings, see Configuring Global Notification Settings.

  1. Go to Customers > [customer].
  2. Click the Notification tab.
  3. In the Recipients section, select from the following settings:
    • Account manager: Select the Licensing Management Account for the representative that manages the customer

    • Additional recipients: Type the email addresses of any other people that you want Remote Manager to notify about the customer's events

  4. In the Third-party notifications section, select the remote management and monitoring tools that you have integrated with Remote Manager.
  5. In the Message Content section, accept the globally-configured content settings or click the Change the global message content settings link to modify the message content for all Remote Manager customers.
  6. In the Event section, select from the following settings:
  7. Click Save.