Customer Licenses

The customer Licenses tab displays all products currently licensed to the customer account and the current status of each license.

The following table outlines the tasks available on the Licenses tab.



Renew licenses

Select products and click the Renew License button to extend the licensing period of the selected products.

For more information, see Renewing Licenses.

Modify seat allocation

Select products and click the Modify Seat Allocation button to change the number of seats associated with each service plan.

For more information, see Modifying Seat Allocation.

The following table outlines the information displayed in the Licenses table.



Status icon

The status icon provides a quick way to identify issues with licenses

  • : Normal

  • : Expiring soon

  • : Expired

  • : Exceeded allocation


Indicates the product name

Click the available link to single-sign on to the product console.

Service Plan

Indicates the service plan associated with the product


Indicates the number of seats allocated to the product


Indicates the number of seats that the customer has activated

Expiration Date

Indicates the expiration date of the license


Indicates whether the license automatically extends the licensing period