ConnectWise Settings for Individual Customers

You must enable ConnectWise Manage notifications and integration for each Trend Micro customer on the Remote Manager console if you want to automate Remote Manager notifications.

For more information on global ConnectWise integration settings, see Integrating ConnectWise Manage.


To begin receiving notifications in the ConnectWise system, you must first configure the ConnectWise notification settings for each customer.

For more information, see Customer Notification.

  1. Go to Customers > [customer].
  2. To integrate the ConnectWise Manage settings for this customer, click the ConnectWise Manage tab.
  3. Select Enable integration.
  4. Specify the ConnectWise Company ID for the customer.

    Click Verify to ensure that the company ID exists in ConnectWise Manage.

  5. Click Save.

    Trend Micro Remote Manager syncs the customer information from ConnectWise Manage and loads any available agreement information. The following screen appears:

  6. In the Agreements section, you can assign ConnectWise Manage Agreements to Trend Micro products.

    Assigning agreements to Trend Micro products allows ConnectWise Manage to provide automated billing services for Trend Micro Remote Manager customers.

    • If you previously configured ConnectWise Manage using the "TMRM Management Solution" or "Managed Service" agreement type, "Default" appears next to the Trend Micro product name.

    • If you did not configure ConnectWise Manage using the "TMRM Management Solution" or "Managed Service" agreement type, you can assign ConnectWise Manage agreements to Trend Micro products.

    1. Click Set Up.

      The Product Agreements screen appears.

    2. For each product, first select the agreement type and then select the agreement name.
    3. Click OK.
  7. Select either of the following integration settings:
    • Select Use global settings from Administration > Configure third-party integration > ConnectWise Manage settings to apply the global integration settings.

    • Select Use custom settings to configure customer-specific notifications for billing and executive summaries.

      • Send billing information for the following products to ConnectWise every month on day X: Select the day of the month to receive billing information for the products you select.


        If you select 29, 30, or 31 and the month does not contain that day, Remote Manager sends the notification on the last day of the month.

      • Send the following information from Hosted Email Security to ConnectWise every <day, week, or month>: Remote Manager sends the selected detection information from Hosted Email Security at the specified frequency.

  8. Click Save.