Overall Infrastructure

Trend Micro Remote Manager consists of three basic parts:

  • The partner

  • The Trend Micro data center

  • The customer network

Figure 1. Remote Manager overall architecture

The partner accesses a Trend Micro Data Center (currently on different continents) through the Remote Manager web console via the Internet. The partner does not need to install anything to be able to use the product. The partner must add and configure each customer on the Remote Manager web console before the partner can manage customer accounts.

Each Worry-Free Business Security Standard and Advanced managed server has a Remote Manager Agent installed which allows communication to and from the Remote Manager servers. The  Remote Manager Agent, which can be installed from the Remote Manager web console, runs on the Worry-Free Business Security Standard and Advanced managed server inside the customer’s network. The Remote Manager Agent sends information to the Remote Manager server where you can access the data from your console 24/7 using an Internet connection.

Worry-Free Business Security Services (WFBS-SVC) and Hosted Email Security (HES) are both hosted on the Trend Micro Data Center. InterScan Web Security as a Service (IWSaaS), Cloud App Security (CAS), and Cloud Edge (CE) are all hosted on the cloud. WFBS-SVC, HES, IWSaaS, CAS, and CE all send data directly to the Remote Manager server.