Key Terminology

Knowing the following terms can help you work with Remote Manager more efficiently:




Installed on Worry-Free Business Security Standard and Advanced servers, this program allows Remote Manager to monitor and manage Worry-Free Business Security Standard and Advanced.


Regular checks done on data collected from customer networks to determine the health of monitored networks. These checks use key indicators called assessment indexes.

Assessment indexes

The basis for security assessments; reseller administrators can customize these indexes individually to control assessment intervals, ranges, and notifications.

Client Security Agent (CSA)

The Agent that reports to the Worry-Free Business Security server. The CSA sends event status information in real time. Agents report events such as threat detection, Agent startup, agent shutdown, start of a scan, and completion of an update. The CSA provides three methods of scanning: real-time scan, scheduled scan, manual scan. You can configure scan settings on Agents from the web console.


The dashboard in Remote Manager is the main screen (Home tab) that displays the web console and the widgets.


The discovery of a threat; a detection does not constitute a system infection, but simply indicates that malware has reached the computer. The detection of the same threat on different computers can constitute an outbreak.


The occurrence of a condition in a monitored domain.

Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) or Authorization Key

A unique reference number used as an identifier in computer software.


The condition in which a threat is able to run its payloads in a computer; Remote Manager considers an infection to have occurred whenever the antivirus scanner detects a virus/malware and is unable to clean, delete, or quarantine the threat. A spyware/grayware infection occurs when the computer cannot be completely cleaned unless it is restarted.

managed product / services

Any Trend Micro product or service that Remote Manager supports

Messaging Security Agent (MSA)

The Agent that resides on Microsoft Exchange Servers and reports to Client Server Messaging and Worry-Free Business Security Advanced servers. This Agent protects against virus/malware, Trojans, worms and other email born threats. It also provides spam blocking, content filtering, and attachment blocking.


Generic term to refer to organizations that directly provide security monitoring and management services to customers in Remote Manager.

Reseller administrators

Administrators in the reseller side that perform service-related tasks using Remote Manager.

Trend Micro Data Center

The Trend Micro monitoring and management center that hosts Remote Manager (and Hosted Email Security) servers and provides support to reseller administrators.

Security Server

The Worry-Free Business Security Standard and Advanced server computer.

Virus alert

A state of vigilance that is declared by TrendLabs to prepare customer networks for a virus outbreak; TrendLabs alerts different Trend Micro products and delivers preventive solutions that IT administrators can implement as a first line of defense before a pattern becomes available.

Virus outbreak

The rapid propagation of a virus threat to different computers and networks; depending on the prevalence of the threat, an outbreak can be internal, regional, or global.