Trend Micro Remote Manager offers the following features.

Table 1. Remote Manager Features



Integrated Platform

Remote Manager works in parallel with Trend Micro™ Licensing Management Platform, but with a more robust interface. You can do the following from the Remote Manager portal:
  • Create new accounts

  • Renew licenses for individual accounts

  • Add more seats

Remote Manager also monitors and manages multiple protected networks from a single console by communicating with a Remote Manager Agent that runs on the managed servers. In addition, Remote Manager also offers event monitoring based on key security indicators.

Dashboard Widgets

Customize the widgets on the dashboard page. These widgets can let you know if you need to renew licenses, add more allocated seats, or even let you know which customers experience the most threats.

Customizable Settings for New Accounts

When creating accounts, you can customize the basic default settings that new accounts will use by default or select the settings from templates you have configured and saved.

Security Status

The Remote Manager Events screen provides threat detection and policy violation counts for all of your customers' integrated products.

Remote Manager provides details such as the number of infected computers and virus/malware incidents. Reseller administrators can also check detailed information including the names of affected computers or the threats.

System Status

Reseller administrators can check the system-related event information such as component update status, device resource usage, and online status on the Remote Manager Events screen:

License Status

Reseller administrators can view the following license-related details:
  • Total seats purchased

  • Number of seats in use

  • Expired licenses, including date of expiry

  • Expiring licenses, including number of days before expiration

Network Management

Remote Manager offers a structured view of managed networks and allows reseller administrators to issue commands and manage the following critical aspects of network security:
  • Component updates and updates to the managed server

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Automatic outbreak response

  • Damage cleanup

  • Firewall and Real-time Scan settings

  • Manual scans


In addition to notifications for security events, Remote Manager can automatically generate and send reports at regular intervals. You can create the reports according to customer, product, frequency, and content and saved in various formats.

Integration with Third-Party Tools

Enable log monitoring using third-party tools, including Autotask™, Kaseya™, or ConnectWise™ to standardize the tasks and processes you monitor.

Feedback Submission

Trend Micro would like to provide the best and most useful platform for the users. However, Trend Micro does not know what services or features are important to you. And to this end, Remote Manager welcomes your feedback and suggestions through the Submit Feedback button, which is accessible and visible from the banner. Trend Micro can then process and determine which features would help the most number of users.