Trend Micro Remote Manager

Trend Micro™ Remote Manager™ is a robust console that works in parallel with Trend Micro Licensing Management Platform™ to provide managed security services to small and medium businesses.

Trend Micro Remote Manager enables you to monitor the health of multiple managed networks through multiple, managed products and services. Trend Micro Remote Manager allows reseller administrators to issue commands to manage critical aspects of network security.

Trend Micro Remote Manager is hosted on regional Trend Micro Data Center servers where resellers obtain an account. Resellers can use Trend Micro Remote Manager to establish customer accounts, monitor customer networks, and manage security using the Trend Micro Remote Manager web console.

Remote Manager offers a structured view of customer networks and allows resellers to issue commands and manage the following aspects of network security:

  • Component updates and updates to the managed server

  • Vulnerability assessment

  • Damage cleanup

  • Automatic outbreak response

  • Firewall and Real-time Scan settings

  • Manual scans

Trend Micro Remote Manager also supports comprehensive reporting features and allows resellers to subscribe individuals to automatically generated reports.