Deploying the Security Agent to Unmanaged Endpoints

The Unmanaged Endpoints screen allows you to view the Kaseya list of all customer endpoints that do not currently have a Security Agent installed.


Kaseya requires the Kaseya Agent Procedure script before you can deploy the Security Agent to endpoints.


You can export a list of unmanaged endpoints in CSV format for further evaluation.

  1. Open the Kaseya web console, and go to Trend Micro > Worry-Free Services > Unmanaged Endpoints.

    The following screen appears:

  2. Filter the search results using the Kaseya search bar.
  3. Select the check boxes next to the machines on which you want to deploy the Worry-Free Business Security Agent.
  4. Click Deploy Agent.

    The Deploy Security Agent screen appears.

  5. Click Deploy.

    Endpoints receive the command the next time Remote Manager synchronizes with Worry-Free Business Security Services. The default synchronization time is five minutes. Installation only occurs on endpoints that do not already have the Security Agent installed.