Importing Kaseya Customers

  1. Go to the Integrate Kaseya Customers with Trend Micro Accounts screen.
    • From the Kaseya navigation tree:

      1. Go to Trend Micro > Worry-Free Services > Customers.

      2. Click the Non-Trend Micro Customers tab.

      3. Select the check boxes next to the customers you want to associate with a Trend Micro Account.

      4. Click Import to Trend Micro.

    • From the Activation Successful screen after activating the Kaseya plug-in for the first time, click Start.


      You must select the check boxes next to the Kaseya customers you want to integrate with Trend Micro Accounts on the Integrate Kaseya Customers with Trend Micro Accounts screen that appears.

    The Integrate Kaseya Customers with Trend Micro Accounts screen appears.

  2. In the Trend Micro Customer Account drop-down list:
    • Select + Create a new Trend Micro Account to register a new customer in Licensing Management Platform

    • Select from your existing Licensing Management Platform customers not already assigned to another account


    If all your customers have already been assigned, no customer information will display in the list.

  3. Click Next >.

    The Trend Micro Customer Notifications screen appears.

  4. Select Send all customer notifications to my email address if you want all email notifications about the selected customers' environments sent to your registered email address.
  5. Click Next >.

    The Assign Service Plan screen appears.

  6. Select a Service Plan for each customer.
  7. Verify that the number of Seats allocated to each customer is correct, then click Next > to add the selected customers to the list.

    By default, Remote Manager provisions 20% more seats than the number of endpoints that a client has registered in Kaseya (with a minimum of 10 seats per client).


    You must have sufficient licenses available in Licensing Management Platform for the number of selected Kaseya customers. If you do not have sufficient licenses available, the plug-in only imports the first customers in the list for which licenses are available.

    The Assign Template screen appears.

  8. In the Template drop-down list, assign a template to each customer.

    The settings applied by the original template used for preexisting Trend Micro customers may have been customized. Verify all settings after assigning templates to ensure your customers receive the best possible protection.

  9. Click Integrate.

    The Complete Integration screen appears.