Create a Management Solution


This procedure displays screens from ConnectWise Manage 2015.1. Depending on the version of ConnectWise Manage you are using, the screens may vary.

  1. From the ConnectWise Manage console, go to System > Setup Tables.

    The Setup Tables screen appears.

  2. Type management it in the Table field and click Search.

    The Management IT setup table appears.

  3. Click the Management IT setup table.

    The Management IT Solution List appears.

  4. Click New Item () to create a new management solution.

    The Solution Setup screen appears.

  5. Specify the following information:
    • Name: Type TMRM Management Setup.

    • Management IT Solution: Select Custom.

    • Custom Solution Name: Type TMRM Management Solution.


      Trend Micro Remote Manager requires that the specified values exactly match the examples provided.

  6. Click Save.

    ConnectWise Manage adds the management solution to the Management IT Solution List.

  7. Associate the management solution with Trend Micro customers.
    1. Go to the Company screen for the Trend Micro customer.
    2. Click the Management tab.
    3. Next to Management Solutions, click New Item ().
    4. From the Solution drop-down, select TMRM Management Solution/TMRM Management Setup.
    5. Specify a Managed ID.
    6. Click Save.

      The Management Solution is ready for use.

  8. For customers using ConnectWise Management Solutions, Create Cross-references