Adding Trend Micro Products to ConnectWise Manage

Integrate the following Trend Micro Remote Manager products/services with ConnectWise Manage for billing purposes:

  • Worry-Free Business Security Standard

  • Worry-Free Business Security Advanced

  • Worry-Free Business Security Services

  • Hosted Email Security

  1. From the ConnectWise Manage console, go to Procurement > Product Catalog

    The Product Catalog screen appears.

  2. Click New Item () to add a new product.

    The New Product Item screen appears.

  3. Type the necessary Trend Micro Remote Manager managed product/service product IDs in the Product ID field.
    Table 1. Trend Micro Product IDs for ConnectWise Manage Integration


    Product ID

    Worry-Free Business Security Standard


    Worry-Free Business Security Advanced


    Worry-Free Business Security Services


    Hosted Email Security


  4. Specify the following information:
    • Description

    • Unit Price

    • Customer Description

  5. Click Save.

    ConnectWise Manage adds the new product to the Product Catalog.