Create Cross-references

Create cross-references to associate Remote Manager products/services with ConnectWise Manage.


This procedure displays screens from ConnectWise Manage 2015.1. Depending on the version of ConnectWise Manage you are using, the screens may vary.

  1. From the ConnectWise Manage console, go to System > Setup Tables.

    The Setup Tables screen appears.

  2. Type managed devices integration in the Table field and click Search.

    The Managed Devices Integration setup table appears.

  3. Click the Managed Devices Integration setup table.

    The Managed Devices Integration List appears.

  4. Click TMRM Management Solution in the Management Solution column.

    For more information on creating a Management Solution, see Create a Management Solution.

    The Managed Devices Integration screen appears.

  5. Click the Cross-References tab.
  6. Click New Item () to create a product.
  7. Specify the required settings for each of your Remote Manager managed products/services.



    Worry-Free Business Security Standard

    • Type: T-WFBS-S

    • Level: Standard

    • Product: WFBS-S

    • Configuration Type : Spam Stats

    Worry-Free Business Security Advanced

    • Type: T-WFBS-A

    • Level: Advanced

    • Product: WFBS-A

    • Configuration Type: Spam Stats

    Worry-Free Business Security Services

    • Type: T-WFBSS

    • Level: Standard

    • Product: WFBSS

    • Configuration Type: Spam Stats

    Hosted Email Security

    • Type: T-HES

    • Level: Standard

    • Product: HES

    • Configuration Type: Spam Stats

  8. Click Save.

    ConnectWise Manage adds the product/service to the Cross-References.