Using Trend Micro Scripts in ConnectWise Automate

The Worry-Free Business Security Service ConnectWise Automate Plug-in provides the following scripts, accessible through the Scripts > Anti-Virus > Trend Micro right-click menu.


You must assign specific ConnectWise Automate User Classes permission to access each script for before the right-click script items appear.

You can only access the right-click Scripts menu for ConnectWise Automate clients associated with a Trend Micro Account. To associate a ConnectWise Automate client with a Trend Micro Account, see Importing ConnectWise Automate Clients

  • Deploy Security Agent: Deploys the Security Agent to the selected endpoints

  • Remove Security Agent: Uninstalls the Security Agent from the selected endpoints


    Removing the Security Agent may leave the endpoints vulnerable to security threats.

  • Restart Security Agent: Restarts the Security Agent on the selected endpoints

  • Scan Now: Triggers the Security Agent on the selected endpoints to perform a Manual Scan

  • Unload Security Agent: Unloads the Security Agent from the selected endpoints

  • Update Now: Triggers the Security Agent to check for component updates

Figure 1. Trend Micro ConnectWise Automate Scripts
  • Endpoints receive the command the next time Remote Manager synchronizes with Worry-Free Business Security Services. The default synchronization time is five minutes.

  • The commands only execute on valid endpoints. For example, if the selected endpoint does not have the Security Agent installed, the Scan Now function cannot execute.